A fleet of 50 yachts from 13 countries have a date from 25 to 29 August at the Club Marítimo de Mahón (Menorca) to participate in the XII Copa del Rey Panerai for Vintage Yachts. Mahon is the Spanish location for the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge, the main international circuit in its class promoted by the Italian luxury watch brand Officine Panerai, which is celebrating its eleventh edition this year, with nine regattas around the world.

The fleet for the most prestigious classic yacht competition in Spain will be divided into four classes. The Big Boats (over 25 metres) present this year in Mahon are Moonbeam III (1903) and Moonbeam IV (1914), which belong to the same line of boats designed by William Fife. Moonbeam IV was purchased by Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1950, aboard which he spent his honeymoon with his new wife, actress Grace Kelly. In 1960 it changed hands and was bought by Hannibal Scott.

Among the participants in the Vintage class for sailboats built prior to 1950 are Chinook (1916), Marigan (1898) and Manitou (1937), owned by Philip Jordan. The latter is the only representative from the United States, the flag it has flown since owned by former president John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The Classic class, for yachts launched between 1950 and 1975, will once again be the largest group. Cadets from the Italian Marines will participate in this category aboard the Corsaro II (1960). Finally, the Spirit of Tradition class (modern sailboats whose designs respect the lines of classic crafts) will include Calima (1970).

The Copa del Rey Panerai 2015, organised by the Club Marítimo de Mahón and the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona, will be officially inaugurated on 25 August at 12 noon, at which time the regatta office will open its doors to confirm registrations.

The next stage of the Mediterranean circuit for the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge will take place in France, with the Régates Royales de Cannes, from 22 to 26 September.