This Saturday (6 October), we'll be holding our fourth annual seabed clean-up at the marina. We've already had thirty divers sign up who’ll be searching below all the pontoons at the marina for harmful waste.  

Several local marine companies will be taking part in the event, such as Linamar, Yamaha Jet Center, Buceo a Saco and the Algeciras CIES and Caetaria diving clubs. As in previous years, we'll start the day off early with a briefing to allocate the teams and set a limit for time in the water. After that, we'll tally up all the waste collected and transfer it to the waste collection point (not without first taking the traditional photos of the many weird and wonderful items that are usually pulled out of the water).

And to round the day off, we'll sit down for lunch at Alcaidesa Lounge Bar to share the experience among laughter and anecdotes.