After 12 years, we will see "a smile in the sky" again, this occur on the 16th May when the Earth is in conjunction with Mars and Venus & also aligned with the Sun.. The heavenly bodies will be aligned in a way that will be seen as if a smiling face were looking at the Earth directly from the immensity of space.

According to the scientists, this cosmic event is known as occultation, this occurs when an object passes in front of another from the viewer's perspective, in the case of the Moon that by this date will be in its growing phase, it will be placed directly between Venus and the Earth, while Jupiter will take position to form the much awaited "happy face", however, it should be noted that depending on the location it is possible that this formation will be somewhat distorted.

There are those who claim that the "happy face of the sky" is a sign of good fortune, even though it is a process of interpretation that occurs in different ways in every human being, and we are one of many who want to see it that way today.

Taking into consideration that the sun and these two planets are the brightest components of the Milky Way seen from Earth, the event of this May 16 will be observed without the need for telescopes, as soon as night falls, a good location and the willingness to enjoy it will be enough.

The last time this same astronomical event could be seen was in 2008 when the Moon, Venus and Jupiter were involved in a triple conjunction and according to scientists, the next alignment of this triad is estimated to be in the year 2065.

It will not be the only phenomenon that we will be able to enjoy as our skies are much clearer, with much less contamination in many cities due to the effects of the lockdown.

Between 6th & 7th May, the Eta Aquarids meteor shower was seen, which involved approximately 60 meteors/hour at its peak, seen from the southern hemisphere, while in the northern hemisphere the rate reached about 30 meteors/hour.

And the super-moon of the 7th, the sun was located on the opposite side of the Earth, which made it look more illuminated.

In short, many positive reasons and one more excuse to go out to our decks, windows or terraces and enjoy the tranquility and positivism that the night offers us at Alcaidesa Marina.