In a notable collaboration, Alcaidesa Marina has partnered with Ecolocaliza, Ecowildlife y Citizens by Planet in a boat trip for responsible whale-watching in La Línea de la Concepción.

The outing was attended by the Mayor of La Línea de la Concepción, Juan Franco, who highlighted the importance of the city in cetacean observation. This activity combines environmental conservation, sustainable tourism, and the improvement of the municipality’s image.

The Mayor stated, “We are working to make La Línea a reference point for whale-watching by creating a logistics center for responsible whale-watching, study, and preservation. This center would be the sixth in the world and the second in Spain.”

The Councilor for the Environment, Raquel Ñeco, emphasized the importance of every human action in the environment and the marine ecosystem, emphasizing the appearance of a dead turtle on the beach in La Línea last weekend. Ñeco called for the care of our surroundings and highlighted the outreach and research projects carried out by the entities involved in cetacean protection.

On the other hand, Rocío Espada, a researcher at the Marine Biology Laboratory of the University of Seville, noted that the ongoing initiatives are scientific projects supported by the laboratory, combined with citizen science.

Espada expressed, “We want the citizens of La Línea to know what we have because if we don’t know it, we don’t value it or protect it.”

This is the first step for the city to attract responsible tourism interested in whale-watching from land

Espada also pointed out that Levante Beach is a special conservation area for the eastern Strait, where the fin whale, the second largest whale in the world, passes through during its migration from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. This migration occurs throughout the year but is more intense in summer.

For twelve hours a day, this journey is monitored from the beach to quantify it, detect possible calves, and study breathing patterns and crossing times. All of this is done with the goal of applying it to species conservation through the regulation and management of maritime traffic, marine pollution, among other aspects.

The whale-watching trip also involved the participation of the director of Ecolocaliza, Estefanía Martín, and the director of Ecowildlife Spain, José Luis Rivera.

We remind you that it is essential to act responsibly when whale-watching, therefore, we recommend reading our regulations.

News: Ayuntamiento de La Línea de la Concepción