The wine, horse, motor racing capital and cradle of flamenco offers the visitor art and culture in their purest forms.

On arrival, you can drive along its famous avenues lined with iconic buildings. The route takes you through the Plaza del Caballo, the Plaza de las Angustias and Plaza del Arenal, the Avenida Álvaro Domecq and the Alameda Cristina Plaza, all of which are of great interest to the tourist. Once in the Plaza del Arenal you can walk to the old town where you will find Jerez’s major historical buildings such as the Cathedral, the Alcazar and the Camera Oscura.

The last part of a visit to Jerez, and the most popular, is to one of its many “Bogegas” (winery) where some of the most renowned Sherrys in the world are produced. In the Tio Pepe winery you can taste the best sherry in Jerez, enjoy a train tour through the estate, gardens and vineyard, and learn about the sherry-making processes.

Saturdays at the Yeguada stud farmare very special opening its doors for horse lovers and fans of the Carthusian horses to visit these renowned grounds of the equestrian world. The visit takes you through the life of these horses, on the land where this incomparable breed was created: the Finca Fuente del Suero, opposite the Carthusian Monastery of Jerez.