Tarifa is a delightful small town located at the southern-most point of both the Iberian Peninsula and the continent of Europe. The island of Las Palomas marks the dividing line between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and is located only 14km from the African Coast.

  • Los Lances and Valdevaqueros beaches. The combination of these extensive virgin beaches with their fine sand and the strong Levante and Poniente prevailing winds, have made Tarifa a mecca for water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.
  • Bolonia Beach and Baelo Claudio. Bolonia Beach is not only a beautiful beach, but is also the site of the historic Roman city of Baelo Claudio, which was built on top of a Phoenician city. It’s well worth a visit, not only to see the theatre and the forum, but also the salt fish factory.
  • Natural Parks. Tarifa is much more than just beautiful beaches. Most of the municipality falls within the Alcornocales and Estrecho National Parks, which are of great ecological value and offer wonderful views. They are also great places for hiking, mountain biking and bird watching.
  • Nature watching. because of its location, it is possible to enjoy the spectacle of migratory birds crossing the Strait, and then – turning your eyes from the sky to the sea, observe tuna fish, dolphins, whales and orcas. A great privilege.
  • The Castle of Guzman el Bueno. this medieval castle dominates the town and the port. It is open to visitors and offers spectacular views of the Strait. Next to the castle is the old town of Tarifa with its picturesque and lively narrow streets, filled with small bars and taverns offering tapas.
  • Its rich gastronomy merits a mention of its own. Delicious fish are landed at the fishing port. At the end of the spring, Bluefin tuna “regarded as the world’s best tuna” are caught. The province of Cadiz also has its own breed of cattle “the Retinta” which is very tasty.
  • The best sunsets because of its location, Tarifa experiences wonderful sunsets throughout the year and the best place to watch them is from one of its beach bars.
  • Trips to Morocco. Tarifa is close to the coast of Africa, and several ferries depart daily, so you can take a day trip to Morocco.