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Like all of us, this state of alarm has come as a complete surprise and caught us off guard. None of us expected to find ourselves in this situation which is more akin to a blockbuster film than reality.

How should we react to a situation we have never experienced before & for which we are unprepared?

Some of us were caught at the Amsterdam boat show where we were together with Marinas de Andalusia , APPA and Turismo Andaluz promoting the destination Andalusia and its marinas and we had to return home much earlier than planned.

Others were caught in their daily routine attending to our customers, preparing quotations, cleaning & maintaining the installations etc…

After all, even though the situation was getting worse, nobody expected that we were going to experience what seems more like a movie than a real life situation. And how to react in the face of something we have never experienced and for which we were not prepared?

With 350 boats in the marina, many of our customers were also caught by surprise. Some decided to return home, whilst others opted to remain confined in Alcaidesa Marina on their boats or in their motorhomes.

Such testing times tend to increase self-awareness and bring out the best in all of us. These qualities are continually being demonstrated by our customers who have been caught up in this crisis whilst at Alcaidesa Marina.

Through their initiative, regardless of nationality and having never previously met, they established a Facebook group to provide a channel for communication and to help with answering the many questions & doubts that everybody has. Through this group a close community has been established, dedicated to supporting each other through these difficult times & creating a family atmosphere.

A family that, at 8 o'clock in the evening, goes out to applaud, on the decks of their boats or at the doors of their motorhomes, in recognition of the effort of those essential workers who are putting their lives at risk for all of us, a family that help each other out, a family that takes care of each other even though it is formed by people that, had it not been for all this, perhaps would never have met.

On their own initiative, they decided to look for local suppliers who could deliver to their temporary abodes meat, eggs, bread, drinks, fruit, etc. This initiative ensures that they minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as well as being a way of helping out the small local businesses, which have been so greatly affected by the crisis, and a way of saying Thank You to the town of La Linea for the way they have been treated and welcomed during these difficult times.

They have also been very appreciative of the care we are committed to providing, despite the government restrictions severely affecting  the services we are able to offer. These messages of gratitude have been conveyed through emails, posts on our social media sites & even a “Post It” left with a message on the door to the shower block.. anything goes.

These messages of appreciation provide a moral boost to the whole Alcaidesa Marina team that continues to provide you with the best possible service so that you can #StayHome. Thank you for trusting us once again and thank you for recognizing our work.

Alcaidesa Marina and its customers form a great team rowing together to ensure that this all ends as soon as possible and so that, sooner rather than later, we can give each other a big hug and celebrate that, together, we have been able to beat it!

One day more and one day less! #StayAtHome #LaLineaGusta #LaLineaResiste