The regional television channel, Canal Sur TV, recently broadcast its Destino Andalucía (Destination Andalusia) programme with a sailing route highlighting the must-see points of the Atlantic coast of Cádiz, setting off with Gibraltar in the background and La Línea de la Concepción and Alcaidesa Marina as the starting point. 

There are so many options to choose from here at Alcaidesa Marina, but we plumped for a jet ski outing from the port. This is a great opportunity to explore the coastline experiencing a more adventurous and less traditional way of crossing the water. 

On the way back to La Linea, we also discovered an interesting holiday property: a boat set up to accommodate tourists. We complemented the day with a culinary visit to the local market to savour some of the best dishes of the Cádiz cuisine. 

And from La Línea to San Roque, we stopped at the well-known cove of Milla de Plata. We're also very close to one of the most exclusive tourist destinations in Spain, Sotogrande. A place where we also got an insight into the little-known sport of polo.