Yesterday August 2 was the debut for monotypes in the 40th. Mapfre Copa del Rey.

As was expected, ‘Alcaidesa Marina Sailing Team’ was declared the first protagonist of the fleet, being awarded the first of three events with which the first and very important day in Palma waters concluded. 

Following this result the yacht captained by the Canarian Olympic Gustavo Martínez Doreste came in 5th. and 3rd. place which keeps it in the fight in the face of the day of today Wednesday, placing third by one point from  ‘Bodega Can Marles’ of Jorge Martínez Doreste, brother of the owner of the Andalucian yacht, second, and third from the provisional leader and title defender ‘Let it Be’ of  Juan Calvo.

’Alcaidesa Marina Sailing Team’, a good rival for now

’Alcaidesa Marina Sailing Team’ has shown itself as a clear contender from the beginning of the three events, with as many clean departures that has allowed them to compete, always finishing among the top three windward. 

Only a setback in the second event distanced them from the objective “in the second heat a collision at the entrance to the leeward we lost contact with the leaders and we had to settle for 5th. place”, states Robín Imaz, trimer of the Andalucian yacht, who, as the rest of the crew is hopeful and anxious for action, “The regattas are very entertaining, we hope tomorrow we will have a little more wind”.

As an indication of the competitive level that exists in the fleet the three partial victories in the hands of three different boats, the first by ‘Alcaidesa Marina Sailing Team’, the second by ‘Let it Be’ and the third by another Andalucian yacht in the fleet ‘Les Roches Tripsst’ of Pepequín Orbaneja, for whom third place is enough to place them fourth by only two points from ‘Alcaidesa Marina Sailing Team’.

Today has been a day marked by the typical Palma onslaught blowing at an intensity of between 8 and 10 knots. Tomorrow Wednesday shall be the last day of the preliminaries, decisive to position the boats in the face of Thursday, the first day of the final phase in which the boats will have the points according to the position they occupy after tomorrow.

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