All the staff at Alcaidesa Marina had the pleasure of wishing a safe & enjoyable journey to our 4,000th customer. Alex & Corinne will be sailing towards the Algarve on their recently acquired yacht the “L’Infernal”a Sun Odyssey 42 D, a classic yacht from the prestigious French manufacturer Jeanneau. In order to convert her into a completely autonomous Yacht they have added a few extras such as solar panels & a wind turbine to what is already very well equipment vessel.

In their search for a warmer climate the yacht “L’Infernal”, guided by the recommendation of fellow French sailors, decided to visit Alcaidesa Marina and making them our 4,000th customer since our opening in August 2,010.

Entering a new phase in their lives, Alex & Corinne have decided to opt for a change of location. After having resided in the centre of the La Lorena region, in the north east of France, they have embarked in search of new adventures far from the grey skies of their homeland.

After many years Alex y Corinne have been cultivating the image of the inhabitants of their home town Nancy, in their beauty salon “L’Infernal”, they opted to close the salon and begin a new chapter in their lives aboard their yacht which has acquired the same name “L’Infernal”.

As our 4,000th customer Alcaidesa Marina has had the pleasure of presenting them with 5 days of free berthing. They were also able to sample some of the specialties of the area during their meal at the Alcaidesa Lounge Bar, thanks to the courtesy of its proprietor Sergio Saban. Both Alex & Corinne expressed their delight with both the cuisine & the service received.

With regards to the marina, they highlighted the friendliness of its staff and the effort made to establish a good line of communication, not always easy in a marina with such a diversity of languages & customs due to the wide range in nationalities of its customers.

During their stay they were able to get to know some of the surrounding areas and discover the charm of its friendly inhabitants & the beauty of its natural surroundings, which for them was an unexpected but very pleasant surprise.

The departure of the “L’Infernal” is not definitive as they plan to return towards the end of the year and establish Alcaidesa Marina as their base port. Prior to their departure Alex & Corinne indicated that “The marina, with its excellent installations, offers all we need for the “L’Infernal” and the local villages of Jimena de la Frontera, Castellar de la Frontera and Tarifa are amongst the candidates that we are considering as our future residence”.

We look forward to welcoming them back soon & enjoy with them the famous pates & other specialties of the Lorena region which both confess is their other passion, the French cuisine!