• All visitors, contractors and agents must report and ´sign in and out´ at the Alcaidesa Marina Reception.
  • All subcontractors and those working on vessels must hold current 3rd party liability insurance of a minimum of 500.000 €
  • All personnel are to observe the safety signs displayed around the site.
  • All works must be carried out by competent and trained personnel, copies of Certificates Permits, etc, must be made available for inspection by Alcaidesa Marina personnel on request.
  • The drinking of alcohol or the taking of illegal drugs on the site is strictly forbidden.
  • No persons or Company are permitted to bring into the yard any items of plant hired without prior written permission and terms agreed.
  • The use of ladders will not be permitted as a repeated means of access to the deck of any vessel which measures 3.5 meters or more above ground level. Other forms of access such as steps or scaffold towers must be used over this height, the site of which is to be determinate by Alcaidesa Marina personnel.
  • Ladders, staging and such like that are considered unsafe or inappropriate for the purpose, will be removed.
  • All hazardous waste, including batteries, full or empty antifoul and paint tins, oil filters etc, are to be removed from the yard and not to be deposited in the general waste bins.
  • All general waste is to be disposed of in the bins provided.
  • Hazardous products or materials are to be stored in approved cabinets and conditions as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Prior to the vessel departing, the area beneath the boat is to be thoroughly cleaned and swept and arising appropriately disposed.
  • The moving of shores, cradle arms and other supporting structures is strictly forbidden.
  • Only Alcaidesa Marina personnel are authorized to operate the plant and equipment.
  • Use of electrical sockets & water taps are subject to prior permission.
  • No unaccompanied or unsupervised children are allowed into the yard and premises.
  • No dogs allowed on the site.


Rules applied in confined spaces.

  • There is strictly NO SMOKING inside of the buildings or within 5 metres of the same.
  • All fire exit routes are to be left clear and unobstructed at all times.
  • No petrol or diesel engines are to be operated in the buildings.
  • All fuel and gas tanks are to be drained or removed prior to the vessel being stored in the buildings.
  • It is not permitted to park vehicles within the buildings.

Conditions of use of the open yard areas.

  • It is forbidden to undertake the following:
    • Stay aboard the vessel overnight.
    • Stay in the facilities out of working hours of the boatyard.
    • Climb or be hoisted up the mast whilst the vessel is ashore.
    • Work on the hull and superstructure without safe handrails and protective equipment.
  • No vehicles to be driven into the site without permission.
  • Sails and dodgers are to be removed from masts and booms whilst the boat is ashore.

General Health & Safety.

  • Attention is drawn to the Alcaidesa Marina Group Health & Safety Policy, a copy is available from the Reception.
  • All accidents or ´near miss´ incidents are to be reported immediately to any Alcaidesa Marina personnel.
  • If you see something that looks dangerous, please report it immediately to any Alcaidesa Marina personnel.
  • The following operations will not be permitted without first obtaining a work permit and submitting for approved a Risk Assessment and Method Statement:
    • Welding cutting or grinding.
    • Spraying of any type of paint or material.
    • Sand, grit, or slurry blasting.
  • All items of equipment used to build, maintain or repair vessels must be operated by competent and trained personnel..


  • All personnel must be at least 15 metres away from any boat lifting and moving machinery that is in operation.
  • If the fire alarm sounds, all personnel shall stop working, disconnect any electrical equipment in use and proceed to the nearest exit in an orderly manner. If you are not properly trained, please refrain from helping to extinguish any fire.
  • In the event the fire Alarm sounds all persons are to proceed to the Fire Assemble Point without delay.
  • First Aid Points are found throughout the building and in the Alcaidesa Marina Reception area.
  • PPE is to be worn for certain yard operations refer to risk assessment to be found in Alcaidesa Marina Reception.