The various Events & activities organized for the Charity weekend of the 7, 8 y 9 of September in Alcaidesa Marina proved to be a great success with over 3.000€ raised in aid of the Association of Families of Alzheimer sufferers. The Associations representative Rafael Gutiérrez Cantero director publically thanked all those involved for making the weekend such a success.

On behalf of ALCAIDESA MARINA we are only too pleased that the event proved to be a success and that all those you attended the various activities were able to leave with a pleasant experience of both the Marina & La Linea. We would also like to thank the Town Hall of La Linea, David Ayala, local companies & the general public who collaborated in making it a great weekend and helping to improve the quality of life of Alzheimer sufferers & their families.

Alcaidesa Marina will continue to back such charitable events in order that future initiatives for such worthy causes may become a reality.