Come on, Sea Farers!

An applause for those moms and dads who have little ones at home and are employing all their creativity ideas to keep them entertained.

An applause for all the families and friends who have to send each other virtual hugs and kisses, which although not the same, helps maintain contact with loved ones.

An applause for all those who help to care for the elderly and the vulnerable as they are the ones that need to be pampered the most during this period.

An applause to those of you who are working from home and also to those of you who have had to travel to work.

An applause to all of you who keep the world going in supermarkets, grocery stores, truckers, carriers, messengers, bakers and thanks to whom we have food in our homes.

An extra-long applause and, above all, a big THANK YOU to all the health professionals for the great effort & sacrifice they are making for all of us.

And finally, keep your spirits high as, one thing is for sure, we will overcome this & we will soon be able to embrace each other again.


Alcaidesa Marina is committed to following the strict hygiene and social distancing measures imposed by the health authorities. These measures regretfully restrict direct contact with our customers but we would like to assure you of our continued attention to your needs and you can contact us by telephone on 956021660, email at or via our website

We are facing difficult times ahead and Alcaidesa Marina wants to be with you so that we can all overcome it together.

Keep your chins up everyone!