It is not easy to surprise with a web without too many artifices nowadays, without technologies never seen nor resources to explore, but this fantastic development achieves it by far being, also, extremely illustrative.

The idea of The Deep Sea is as simple as it is amazing: to take advantage of the habitual navigation of a web, the scroll, to show in an extremely natural and ingenious way the inhabitants of the marine depths and something more.

All you have to do is access this website and you will understand at a glance that moving through it will be a fascinating experience, especially if you like the sea and its fauna. A digital immersion in which to discover, with each scroll, which animals live closer to the surface or closer to the seabed.

As we move, little by little, the water darkens. The sunlight penetrates with less and less force and animals that may be more unknown to us emerge.

Among sharks, turtles or lobsters, we find other curious data: as the human being has only been able to dive to 332 meters deep, the angels of the sea are a colourful sea slugs that use a kind of wings to propel themselves or that the Japanese giant crab is the largest crab known to reach almost 4 meters in length.

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