We have again had the pleasure of providing a safe berth to the yacht Elida. As a frequent visitor to Alcaidesa Marina we thought it appropriate to provide you with some information on this special yacht.

Elida is Scandinavia’s largest sailing boat, a performance megayacht, unique in its kind.
It belongs to a Swedish Christian organization with the same name, that for 50 years has sailed along the coasts of mainly Scandinavia but also southern Europe.

For half the year she sails with groups of teenagers, hosting camps and receiving a thousand people per year. During nine weeks of the year she is also host to Music Tours, where she combines the sailing (in Sweden, Spain and Canary Islands) with live music onboard, stopping at various ports every night for live concerts and allowing visitors to come onboard and look around.

She is endearingly known as the sailing church, and is always open to visitors – to look around, talk or just have a cup of coffee!