Millions of marine animals, including migratory whales, dolphins, sea turtles, seabirds, seals, sharks and rays, which often travel long distances through the world’s oceans, have been injured or even killed by ingesting marine debris or by getting caught in them.

We are not aware of the impact on the environment that can cause everyday actions. A clear example is the amount of bags and plastic containers we use to store food, and the plastic waste this can generate.

This growing problem of marine debris is a threat to many migratory species and the balance of the oceans as a whole.

The Scientific community recommends to prevent debris from reaching the marine environment as one of the most effective ways to address this problem, they also recommend countries to consider the improvement of the efficiency in waste management on land and to take measures to avoid commercial maritime operators to throw garbage into the sea.

Alcaidesa Marina will perform various activities throughout the year, in its commitment to continuously improve and encourage environment enhancement, aimed at raising awareness among users and citizens, with special attention to children and youth.

To do this and taking advantage of the privileged position of our marina there will be a migratory species birdwatching., as our nearest natural environment forms the Eastern sector of the migration corridor of the Strait of Gibraltar, this being the only flyway between the Mediterranean and the north-eastern Atlantic.

In addition, during the months of the sport fishing campaign  information leaflets will be made, these will contain good environmental practices and a environmental code of conduct to inform the boat owners  the proper management of plastic waste on vessels and ports, and make them aware of the importance of reducing the impact that this plastic waste can cause on marine species .

The rest of the environmental activities is carried out every year by Alcaidesa Marina together with the schoolchildren from the municipality of La Linea de la Concepción, these activities includes ( a photo contest, activities within the educational opportunities given by the Townhall, etc..) and as main theme the pollution of the marine environment by plastic waste.

And to show what human beings are capable to do for species conservation, please watch the video of a whale rescue early 2016 in waters of Fuerteventura we are going to show you. Mouth and tail of the animal had been caught in a longline, a line full of thin hooks, used for selective and non- legal fishing. This whale was rescued by two young men, diving without a bottle and with the help of a knife, they dived during an hour until they released the whale.