‘Península’, ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’ and ‘Alcaidesa Marina’ share the points and take the podium in the opening winter series of the Alcaidesa Marina Circuit in the waters of La Línea.

29 January 2023.-Every time I come back to compete in the circuit, I am surprised about the level of the fleet“, said the Canary Islands Olympian Gustavo Martínez Doreste, describing what happened this Sunday in the waters of La Línea de la Concepción, where a fleet of ten boats began to shape the J/80 Alcaidesa Marina Circuit’s winter series.

Although a day late due to the lack of wind on Saturday, the easterly wind of between 10 and 14 knots allowed three trials, which were enough for all teams to lay their cards on the table. Only a few weeks have passed since the end of the autumn series, and the teams have once again been able to improve their performance to upset the odds.

CN Bevelle and Alcaidesa Marina’s boat, which was once again driven by the Canary Islander and whose owner is the director of Alcaidesa Marina, Tony Valbuena, was one of the three winners of a day that began with Nacho Cifuentes’ ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’ (RCN La Línea/Alcaidesa Marina) victory with Rafael Díaz at the helm, and ended with the third and final race at the hands of John Bassadone’s Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club boat ‘Península’.

Three leading teams and three races that determined the ranking in favour of the most consistent, in this case Bassadone’s ‘Peninsula’, which started third and in the second race with a second place, managed to draw with Cifuentes and Diaz’s team, who finished with a fourth place. Until then, ‘Marbella Team’ (RCM Marbella/CM Mahón) with María Fiestas held on to third place with a second and a fifth place, pressured by the minimum distance of one point by ‘Alcaidesa Marina’, which went from a seventh place in the opening race to win the second one.


After that, victory for the ‘Peninsula’ in the third and last race decided in their favour, while the ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’ came away with a fourth and the ‘Alcaidesa Marina’ with a second and the first place on their scoreboard resolved the tie with the ‘Marbella Team’ from Fiestas, third in that race and fourth in the final classification.

With four more points, fifth place went to ‘Kouko’ (CMtmo Linense) with Dani Cuevas at the helm, followed by KNS Norway ‘Aponia Racing’ with Petter Fjelstad, ‘Tacuarita’ (CN Bevelle/Alcaidesa Marina) with Horacio Cardarelli, ”Nexum Capital’ (RCM Sotogrande) with Fico Jiménez Galeote and Roberto Santa Cruz and the CN Río Piedras boat ‘Colibri’ with Gonzalo Fernández and Francisco Esquivel.

It was an impressive day with no shortage of early gusts, which delayed the start by a couple of hours beyond the scheduled time. The next meeting is scheduled for the weekend of February 18 and 19. The Alcaidesa Marina J/80 Winter Series 2023 Circuit is organised by the CN Bevelle and the RCN of La Línea de la Concepción, with the collaboration of the Royal Gibraltar Yacht, and the sponsorship of the Alcaidesa Marina.

Results from the first round of the Alcaidesa Marina Circuit winter series

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