Alcaidesa Marina was the setting for an exciting nautical competition last weekend, during the celebration of the 4th Interclubs Regatta in Ceuta. This event brought together an impressive total of 33 participating boats, delighting the audience with their skill and passion for sailing.

The atmosphere at Alcaidesa Marina was vibrant and filled with excitement as the sailors prepared to face the challenges of the regatta. From early in the morning, teams were busy inspecting their vessels and adjusting the sails to ensure optimal performance on the water.

Once the starting signal was given, the 33 boats raced into the sea in a thrilling contest. The participants’ skills were put to the test as they competed to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time. The wind and sea conditions presented additional challenges, making the competition even more thrilling.

Throughout the regatta, spectators enjoyed an impressive view. The boats sailed with grace and elegance, cutting through the waves as the sailors showcased their maneuvering skills on the water. The audience cheered and applauded as the boats approached the finish line, creating an atmosphere of contagious enthusiasm.

Finally, after a fiercely contested and action-packed competition, the winners of the 4th Interclubs Regatta in Ceuta were crowned. The event concluded with an award ceremony where the achievements of outstanding sailors were recognized. In addition to the excitement of the competition, the regatta also helped strengthen bonds between different clubs and promote a passion for sailing in the region.

The 4th Interclubs Regatta in Ceuta at Alcaidesa Marina once again demonstrated the fascination and thrill surrounding this sport. With 33 boats fiercely competing on the water and an enthusiastic audience, the event was a resounding success and left everyone eager for more exciting regattas in the future.

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