The fifth annual seabed clean-up was held in and around Alcaidesa Marina last Saturday. New this year was an environmental education activity, involving the removal of waste from the area around Poniente beach in collaboration with the Department of the Environment of La Linea de la Concepción City Council. The waste collected on the beach will be reused as raw material for works of art within the municipal project AcurrucArte.

Volunteer divers from the Cies and Caetaria diving clubs brought to the surface objects such as a bicycle, car batteries, a drone, a RIB tender, a fibreglass tender, tyres and scooters. On Poniente beach itself, waste was collected by locals and customers of the marina and then placed in cloth bags provided by the City Council.

The Regional Representative for the Environment, Raquel Ñeco, thanked everyone who played a role on Saturday in clearing waste from the seabed and the sand. She also expressed her gratitude to Alcaidesa Marina for the initiative and for donating some of the objects to the exhibition that on 23 October will open the first ever edition of AcurrucArte.

The aim of the clean-up and the exhibition is to raise awareness among the local population of the importance and the need to reduce marine pollution.

The councillor also took the opportunity to encourage everyone to take part in the activities that will be on offer at the AcorrucArte conference, which will address topics such as microplastics in fish and children's environmental education workshops. The event will be held on 23, 24 and 25 October.