On Saturday 14th October Alcaidesa Marina held its III Coastal Cleaning Campaign which this year coincided with the National Costal Clean Up Day.

More than 40 participants from the Diving Clubs Caetaria y CIES, & volunteers from the Red de Vigilantes Marinos, dedicated their time & efforts help to maintain our seas & oceans clean.

The activities commenced at 10:30 when the participants were divided into groups & assigned a corresponding area within Alcaidesa Marina. As a result of their grand effort over 500 kilos of scrap metal & various waste materials were collected & which even included semi rigid rib.

The event was followed by the traditional paella at the Alcaidesa Lounge Bar where the participants were able to share their experiences of an eventful day.

Alcaidesa Marina would like to thank all those that participated in the event & look forward to welcoming them back next year with the same enthusiasm that they all demonstrated throughout the day and which will helped to make our seas & oceans cleaner for all of us to enjoy.