Enjoy the tourist train of La Línea! The tourist train is a good leisure option for children and adults as well, and continues through the streets of the city and the marina from the Plaza de la Iglesia on time: Monday to Saturday: from 11:00 to 14:00 and 18 : 00 to closing. Sunday afternoon only
Price: Adults € 3 and children € 2.50

As a novelty compared to other years, this year a stop is being made next to the Alcaidesa Lounge Bar after making a tour through the interior of Alcaidesa Marina, the theme of the public address and environmental music of the same has been solved so that it does not disturb to the users of the marina and we have also reached an agreement whereby the clients of the marina, after presenting the access card to the pontoons and the restrooms to the driver of the same, will be able to use it for free. We hope that this initiative is to everyone's liking and that there are many of us who use this activity