In 2018, in order to commemorate the 50' anniversary of the Long Way and pay a tribute to his creator Bernard Moitessier, the french-american sailor Guy Bernardin will start for a new round-the-world sailing trip without calls nor assistance. He will be 74 with 5 round-the-world trips and 6 cape Horn passages under his belt.

On this occasion, Guy invites other sailors to join him on this passage, in the same state of mind as Bernard Moitessier. This is not a race, there is no rules, nor constraints or obligations, neither awards… Just the intimate return to have made a dream comes true and to have win against oneself. It is a return to true values, individual and human responsabilities of the sailor and the man. Freedom and serenity to be alone at sea.

Each sailor is responsible for his choice of boat, a cruiser or racer-cruiser or ocean-passage maker, no more than 52' able to perform ocean passages. Each one is free to communicate as he wishes, to display the arms of supporters, sponsors or patrons, and to give his own adventure the impact he wants. He can judge if he respects or not Bernard Moitessier's ideas in doing so… According to his ship and his equipment, each one is free to choice his starting date between June 18 and September 30th, from a port north of 45° North of Europe, or 41° North of America east coast, and for a return to a french port in north of 45° North to be indicated at a later date.

A boat's gathering including cultural activities would occur in Le Bono, small town on the coast of the Morbihan's Gulf on the south coast of Brittany, France, burial place of Bernard Moitessier, on june 16th and 17th, day of his death in 1994, with the help of the town.