On Thursday, June 24, the President of the Campo de Gibraltar Commonwealth, Juan Lozano, and the Delegate Vice President for Tourism, Daniel Perea, visited the Alcaidesa Marina in La Línea de la Concepción.

Lozano and Perea have attended the sports facilities at the beginning of summer 2021, a key moment in the reactivation of regional tourism activity, to share opinions and concerns with those responsible for Alcaidesa Marina and recognize the work carried out to promote tourism in our land. The meeting was attended by the Linense Tourism delegate, Mercedes Atanet.

Those in charge of the marina informed the regional representatives of the important role that Alcaidesa Marina plays as an entry point for tourists to Campo de Gibraltar, noting its contribution through the large number of clients who own pleasure boats and megayachts, as well as the presence of motorhomes from different European states, along with the more than fifty boats that are currently in its facilities and whose owners, fans of sport fishing, opt for the Alcaidesa Marina facilities. They are also joined by the group of clients who decide to enjoy our region by residing in floating houses, a tourist attraction that allows them to enjoy the maritime side of the municipality.

Likewise, Lozano and Perea have visited the new existing sports space in Alcaidesa Marina. This space is made up of an important set of professional gym machinery, arranged outdoors, for all ages, which have been manufactured in Finland, and which have been installed by the Vivepark company, which chose Marina Alcaidesa as the first point of destination of his tour throughout the national territory.

Source: Radio Bahía Gibraltar