Our marina meets the necessary requirements of Adeac once again, thus renewing the Blue Flag for Alcaidesa Marina.

Alcaidesa Marina is proud to announce that it has renewed the prestigious Blue Flag awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which recognizes beaches, ports, and vessels that promote sustainability. This distinction has been achieved for several consecutive years, demonstrating the constant commitment of Alcaidesa Marina to environmental care.

The Blue Flag is granted after rigorous annual inspections and audits carried out by the Association for Environmental Education and Consumer Affairs (Adeac). This evaluation process is voluntary, further highlighting the merit of Alcaidesa Marina in meeting a set of criteria in four key areas: environmental information and education, water quality, environmental management, and safety and services.

Requirements for the Blue Flag

The first block, environmental information and education, refers to the promotion of activities and programs that foster environmental awareness among visitors and users of the port. This may include awareness campaigns, educational talks, and informative material about the importance of environmental protection.

The second block, water quality, involves maintaining high standards of cleanliness and water quality control in the port facilities. This includes regular monitoring of water quality parameters, implementation of measures to prevent pollution, and adoption of practices for sustainable water resource management.

The third block, environmental management, pertains to actions taken to minimize the environmental impact of the port. This may involve the implementation of efficient waste management systems, adoption of energy-saving practices, and promotion of renewable energy utilization.

Lastly, the safety and services block focuses on ensuring the safety of visitors and users of the port, as well as providing quality services. This may include the presence of trained personnel in first aid, availability of appropriate safety equipment, and addressing the needs of users in terms of infrastructure and services.

The Blue Flag for Alcaidesa Marina is a great source of pride

The renewal of the Blue Flag is a significant recognition for Alcaidesa Marina, as it demonstrates their ongoing commitment to environmental protection and their leadership in promoting sustainable practices in the maritime sector.