The Spain J80 Cup held from June 18 to 20 in Biscayan waters of Abra, left us great moments of overcoming and perseverance. A regatta competition where a total of 36 boats faced each other, with a high level among their crew. And it is that within the participants, there were several world and Spanish champions. An unrepeatable encounter.

The ship “NewWind Foods” was the leader of the first day and strengthened its position in a second day in which it proved to be the clear winner of this competition. His employer is nothing more and nothing less than Pablo Santurde.


Despite the good weather conditions and the force of the wind in the first two days, the weather changed, subsequently causing a continuous fight with the participants. On the third and final day, the wind was present, causing a two-hour wait to continue with the test. Finally, Pablo Santurde took first place on the seventh and last day.


After the competition, the winner of the Copa España J80 2021 tells the following to the media: “It has been a very fought championship. The J80 class in Spain is very popular and has a very high level. In this Cup we have done very well, with some lucky breaks that are also needed. And we are very happy. We have come to sail many times to this race course and we are very good at competing here in Getxo, where I was also world champion a couple of years ago. The first time I went sailing outside of Santander was here ”.


The Spain J80 Cup 2021, has been organized by the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting
Club. Along with the sponsorship of brands such as BMW Lurauto and Lurauto Electric Mobility. Too
the delegation of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation participated in its organization. And of course,
The support and collaboration of the Getxo City Council, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, could not be lacking.
the Basque and Biscayan Sailing Federations and the J80 Owners Association of Spain.


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