After more than 6 months Construction the new Poniente promenade is now official open to the public. The rejuvenation area of the promenade, carried out by the Port Authority of Algeciras, is situated on the Avenida Príncipe de Asturias, adjoining Alcaidesa Marina. The works aim to integrate Alcaidesa Marina and the nautical sector to the town, permitting the residents & tourists alike to stroll along 300 m long promenade & enjoy, not only, the magnificent views of the marina, but also, the various installations such as a children’s playground, 2 areas equipped with exercise apparatus, skate park & various open spaces equipped with pergolas & benches.

The last phase of the initial Project is expected to be completed by the end of the Autumn and will integrate the bicycle track into the new promenade in preparation for the a new direct lane that will facilitating the access to all of Alcaidesa Marinas customers & visitors.

Alcaidesa Marina would like to congratulate the Prot Authority for the creation of this magnificent area & hope that it will used & enjoyed by all.