The province of Cadiz is already in phase 1 of the deconfinement process and close to entering phase 2 and with it comes the opportunity to resume the use of recreational boats.

Regulations for dolphins and whales watching - alcaidesa marina

Ecolocaliza taken the opportunity to send out a message of responsibility to all to respect the cetacean observation protocol attached when out sailing.

During these weeks where human presence has been almost inexistent, there has been a noticeable increase in the presence of dolphins very close to the shores of La Linea. The potential increase in the number of boats in these waters could result in increased the stress being experienced by the dolphin population that inhabit our coasts and endanger their health.

It is the responsibility of all to endeavor to preserve the future of these magnificent creatures as well as all the other inhabitants of the sea. By simply following the protocol provided we will be going a long way to helping their preservation.

As has been demonstrated with solidarity we can achieve anything, so from Alcaidesa Marina we encourage you to show that we know how to share the sea with its inhabitants by respecting their natural habitat.