PAUL MEILHAT (SMA): "I'm pretty tired after last night. It is hard to find the best way across the depression. For sure the departure out of the Channel was difficult. I was with Vincent Riou for three hours. I had a net or something on the keel off the point at Groix and lost about 15 minute. But after Ushant I have been quite good. I think Alex has taken the best option, staying with the depression a bit longer and the rest of the fleet has taken the intermediate option to try and get to the south for the less tough conditions over the next couple of days." 

JEREMIE BEYOU (Charal): "I am not getting out of the low, it's a bit shit. I saw Vincent Riou for a while but he got away at the end of the night. That's a bit of a pain. The boat was good at the start. For sure there have been one or two little problems to fix but nothing big. I am going to grab some sleep and work out how to get out of here. There are big, cross seas and I have just seven knots of wind. I don't really see when we will get out of this bad bit." 

SAMANTHA DAVIES (Initiatives Coeur): "Things are going well but this first little depression was a bit more complicated than we first expected. It is hard to get going through this cross sea with not so much wind. We can't go very fast. I have to really work on the plan for the next 48 hours. Right now I am alongside Monin and Charal."

ALEX THOMSON (Hugo Boss): "The first night was breezy, hectic and fast with a lot of manoeuvres. It was exhausting with 25 to 30kts of wind, confused seas and very uncomfortable. I am happy with my position but the aim is to get to the west and we will see how it plays out. I expect the wind will go forwards a bit and I will slow down, then at some point I will tack and cross the front and then tack again to go south."