The inauguration ceremony of the new space within the facilities of Alcaidesa Marina took place on May 25th. Juan Franco, mayor of La Línea de la Concepción, and Toni Valbuena, representative of Alcaidesa Marina, took part in the event, as well as several business managers within the region of Campo de Gibraltar.

The outdoor gym contains a set of professional fitness equipment made in Finland, which is intended for all ages.

The gym will be ready for use, free of charge, for 6 weeks ending on July 1st.

Fitness equipment available

There are machines to train different parts of the body. Among them, LAT PULLDOWN is available and is particularly recommended to improve posture and strengthen the muscles of the back. LOW ROW is also included and helps develop the muscles of the back and the biceps while improving posture. FRONT PRESS strengthens arms and shoulders from day one, and TRICEPS PRESS is designed to balance exercises with both arms and strengthen biceps.

All exercises performed through these machines are safe and effective, and feature adjustable load and handles with multiple handle grips.


Outdoor Fitness Innovations Vivepark is the company in charge of the deployment of the seasonal gym. They exclusively distribute OMNIGYM products on the Spanish market. These outdoor fitness machines offer the same technical and design features traditionally found in conventional gyms.

This is the first time in Spain for Vivepark when it comes to deploying their set of professional fitness equipment, and Andalucía has been their starting point of choice from which to continue their business journey. More specifically, they have chosen the port of Alcaidesa Marina.

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Alcaidesa Marina

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