The fourth day of the national seabed clean-up that took place in Alcaidesa Marina last Saturday, October 6th was a success.

We had a total of 65 participants, among them divers, an on-land support team and of course, young volunteers who are very conscientious about taking care of the seas and oceans of our planet.

It was not only a day of cleaning but also a day of togetherness, in which we met up as friends with the same purpose, to keep our environment clean, both on land and in the sea.

The clean-up lasted around an hour, during which our underwater companions collected all the rubbish that they found on their way around the marina's pontoons, and the on-land support team helped them to get it out of the water and deposit it in bags to then be sorted for recycling.

This year the sponsors, Nautica Linamar, Line Jet Center, Caetaria CAS, Buceoasaco and also us, Alcaidesa Marina, gave several gifts to the participants.

And last but not least, we offered the participants a delicious paella in the Alcaidesa Lounge Bar, where we regained our strength and ended the day with laughter, anecdotes and encouragement for the next day.

Material recovered from the water:

  • Several tires 100 kg
  • Glass 30 kg
  • Various metals 150 kg
  • Batteries 40 kg
  • Plastic 20 kg
  • Boat remains 80 kg
  • Unclassified items 50 kg