These are the 74 trails that can be visited in the seven municipalities that make up the region of Campo de Gibraltar, in the province of Cádiz, according to the census carried out by the Department of the Environment of the Provincial Council.

Hiking is an activity that combines sport, tourism and culture, and runs in the middle of nature. Its practice does not involve any competitiveness and can be exercised alone or in a group. Normally it is done on homologated and perfectly signposted roads.

Many doctors recommend hiking for its positive health effects, especially when the patient has episodes of overweight, stress, anxiety or insomnia.

Going out to the countryside or to the mountain and being in direct contact with nature helps to control weight, prevents heart disease, breathes clean air, provides relaxation and balances body levels, strengthens bones and muscles and doing group hiking favors social relationships.

It is therefore a sport that brings people to the natural environment and can be done throughout the year.