The J/70 captained by Gustavo Martínez Doreste fulfills the first objective in the 40th Mapfre Copa del Rey and is placed one point behind the leader, also from Andalucia, ‘Les Roches-Tripsst’

Copa del Rey Mapfre

Day 3, Wednesday August 3, 2022 – 40 MAPFRE Copa del Rey, Palma de Mallorca.

The ‘Alcaidesa Marina Sailing Team’ passes with high marks the run up to the 40th Mapfre Copa del Rey and approaches the final leg in second place in the class of monotypes Herbalife J/70. The yacht owned by German Panei captained by the two times Olympian from Canary Gustavo Martínez Doreste, maintained the lead during two of the three events that took place this Wednesday with an advantage for consistency of two 2nd. places.

After, a 6th. in the final event due to a decision, they had to correct when they were third left them within one point of another Andalucian of the fleet, the boat belonging to Pepequín Orbaneja ‘Les Roches Tripsst’ with CN Sevilla flag.

The team of ‘Alcaidesa Marina’ faced this second day in second place tied with the first leader of the regatta, ‘Let it Be’ of Denia, who won a protest at the end of the first day in their favour for a collision leeward during the second event on Tuesday.

Objectives fulfilled in the 40th Mapfre Copa del Rey

As matters had it, those from Doreste took advantage of their position and worked well to, after three good departures, maintain themselves always in the top places, properly defending the legs with speed and head. “A shame on the last leg for a decision that penalised us with losing three positions. Nonetheless the objective was to be among the top three at this stage and we achieved that”, stated Mikel Pasabant.

The best of many today was the team of ‘Les Roches Tripsst’ with two victories at the start and a 2nd. which compared to 6th. by ‘Alcaidesa Sailing Team,’ allowed them to be ahead by one point. Today both teams were the best of the fleet in which the provisional leader ‘Let it Be’ stumbled, con a 6th., 3rd. and 4th.

Those from Denia paid a price going down to 3rd. place 3 and 4 points from the Andalucians, pressured at one point from the 4th. position by the boat from Vilanova captained by Jorge Martínez Doreste, ‘Bodega Can Marles,’ today 5th. 6th. and 1st.

Remarkably interesting as it stands with what has been seen in the fleet these two days, anything can happen. According to the rules, tomorrow is the first day of the final phase in which boats access with the points of the position they occupy.

In this way, ‘Alcaidesa Sailing Team’ goes through with two points and all options intact for starting at zero this Thursday.

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