Mixing luxury with clean energy sounds good, and also looks great on this concept of * + solar yacht ** presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival this year. A ship covered with solar panels called Solarimpact, among whose features figure among others an assistance with artificial intelligence.

According to its creators, to materialize would be the first yacht for long trips powered by solar energy. This in particular, because the installation of solar panels on ships we have seen previously, although in this case the design is an important component and the theoretical maximum speed is 22 knots.

300 square meters of solar panels to "go around the world"

It is a design by Marlena Ratajska, designed in aluminum and with dimensions of 23.95 x 9.90 meters. A surface that would allow to install up to 300 square meters of solar panels, which could generate up to 320 kilowatts / hour per day (with many hours of sunshine) being the only source of energy of the ship.

These solar panels would feed a battery of 800 kilowatts / hour. This battery would give, as they calculate, an autonomy of ten hours at cruising speed, being the maximum speed the 22 knots that we had already commented. Yes, the autonomy is prolonged if it is lowered to a minimum of 5 knots, which means that the yacht would travel around the world in six months (if there was no continental mass in between).