Commercial project presentation at FITUR for the areas adjacent to the Alcaidesa Marina.

All the Campo de Gibraltar municipalities were keen to take part in this magnificent FITUR 2023 trade fair. The objective of La Línea de la Concepción at this fair was to present several new tourism products being worked on by the local council.

The tourism councillor and José Antonio Valbuena, director of Alcaidesa Marina, successfully presented the project for the areas adjacent to the Alcaidesa Marina. 

As Mercedes Atanet Armida, from the Municipal Delegation of Tourism, said, the project, “could mean a turning point for the city’s tourism and economic development”. Following Alcaidesa Marina’s brilliant exhibition at FITUR 2023 there is no doubt that this will be the case, representing a truly exciting and valuable project.

In addition, the mobile application using augmented reality, which has been subsidised by the Andalusian Regional Government, was presented on the occasion of Bloom’s Day as a tourist attraction. Furthermore, Ecolocaliza also promoted the importance of La Línea de la Concepción for whale and bird watching, while respecting the environment and focusing on sustainability.

We are very happy about Alcaidesa Marina’s participation at FITUR 2023. We look forward to coming back next year.

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