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“The Gateway to the Mediterranean”

Alcaidesa Marina it is located in the Straits of Gibraltar, where the Mediterranean welcomes boaters, a prime location, indisputably The gateway to the Mediterranean. A unique natural enclave within the Gibraltar Bay , an ideal home port or stay in transit.



Exciting 4th Interclubs Regatta in Ceuta Amazes at Alcaidesa Marina with 33 Participating Boats

Alcaidesa Marina was the setting for an exciting nautical competition last weekend, during the celebration of the 4th Interclubs Regatta in Ceuta. This event brought […]

New Blue Flag for Alcaidesa Marina

Our marina meets the necessary requirements of Adeac once again, thus renewing the Blue Flag for Alcaidesa Marina. Alcaidesa Marina is proud to announce that […]

Annual Gala of the Andalusian Sailing Federation: A gathering of celebration and recognition of the sailing world

The Real Club Náutico de La Línea and the Alcaidesa Marina boat were highlighted at the Annual Gala of the Andalusian Sailing Federation. The gala, […]

Electric motorcycle rental service “Silence La Línea”

Today, a new business initiative called “Silence La Línea” was presented at the Alcaidesa Marina Sports Port. The initiative offers an electric motorcycle rental service […]