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“The Gateway to the Mediterranean”

Alcaidesa Marina it is located in the Straits of Gibraltar, where the Mediterranean welcomes boaters, a prime location, indisputably The gateway to the Mediterranean. A unique natural enclave within the Gibraltar Bay , an ideal home port or stay in transit.



New title for John Bassadone’s ‘Península’ in the J/80 Alcaidesa Marina Circuit

The Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club boat wins the winter series in La Línea, escorted on the podium by ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’ and ‘Alcaidesa Marina’, […]

The Galeón Andalucía in Alcaidesa Marina

The Galeón Andalucía has been an immersive experience This past weekend we had the pleasure of having the Galeón Andalucía in our marina Alcaidesa Marina. […]

Equality kicks off the start of the J/80 Alcaidesa Marina Circuit winter series

‘Península’, ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’ and ‘Alcaidesa Marina’ share the points and take the podium in the opening winter series of the Alcaidesa Marina Circuit […]

Alcaidesa Marina at FITUR 2023

Commercial project presentation at FITUR for the areas adjacent to the Alcaidesa Marina. All the Campo de Gibraltar municipalities were keen to take part in […]