Alcaidesa Servicios S.A. continues to expand its range of services at Alcaidesa Marina with the upcoming construction of a covered drystack storage facility within its boatyard. This expansion will provide a new alternative for customers during the months when they are not using their boats whilst also allowing them to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance.

The drystack storage, with an area of 984 m², will have the capacity to accommodate up to 50 boats, providing comprehensive protection against all elements of the weather. This new facility will ensure that boats are sheltered and protected, giving their owners peace of mind that their investments are in good hands.

A drystack for boats: security, maintenance, and repairs

In addition to the security provided, Alcaidesa’s drystack, Varaderos del Sur (operators of the facility) will also offer a comprehensive maintenance and repairs services. Their highly skilled team will be available to perform the necessary tasks for your boat’s maintenance.

The construction of this new drystack reflects the continued growth and development of Alcaidesa in the nautical sector. With this strategic investment, the marina will be able to increase its winter storage capacity and offer its services to a larger number of customers, further consolidating its position as a leader in boat care and maintenance.

Soon, boat owners will be able to benefit from these new facilities managed by Varaderos del Sur.

In the meantime, you can check the mooring rental prices or boatyard services on our website in the rates section and request a quote for your boat.