Yesterday, as part of the  annual training and prevention plans in the Marina, fire drills were carried out in our facilities with victims and an environmental accident due to the spillage of hydrocarbons into the sea.

In Alcaidesa Marina we understand that the investment in the measures, the  continuous training in prevention and the involvement of our staff is vital in order to face this type of situation with serenity and efficiency, that is why for us it becomes a determining factor to work and improve in that line daily.

During the exercise we proceeded to activate our self-protection plan as well as the action plan against the marine pollution (PICCMA), in both cases we can say that the response obtained was a success and we also draw good conclusions to continue improving.

We thank on this occasion for the assistance of the Campo de Gibraltar Fire Brigade Consortium as well as the Civil Protection, the technicians of the Maritime Captaincy of Algeciras and the APBA who contributed to make the exercise as close as possible to a real situation.