The Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club boat wins the winter series in La Línea, escorted on the podium by ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’ and ‘Alcaidesa Marina’, protagonists of the great duel of the last edition.


John Bassadone’s J/80 ‘Península’ has won another victory in the Alcaidesa Marina Circuit after being proclaimed champion of the winter series this weekend.

The boat flying the flag of the Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club puts its name to a new title after remaining unbeaten in four of the five final races, with a second worst result, which has allowed it to continue increasing the already considerable points lead with which it faced the third and final round.

The architects of renewing the winter title and continuing to score points after winning in the autumn are, together with Bassadone, Oliver Góngora, Nicolás de Virgilis, Nacho Murube and Germán Panei.

It has been a decisive last round to close the podium definitively, given the small difference between the teams of ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’ of Nacho Cifuentes and Rafael Díaz (RCN La Línea/Alcaidesa Marina) and ‘Alcaidesa Marina’ with the CN Bevelle flag, who faced this last event in second and third place, respectively, separated by four points.

Thus, the ‘Alcaidesa Marina’ with the Argentinian Olympian Facundo Olezza at the helm achieved its objective after the first four races and being better than its rival, reached second place by one point, until in the following race, a third place for the ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’ against a seventh place for the ‘Alcaidesa Marina’ allowed Díaz’s team to resolve the tie on their side and return to the place from which they started to be proclaimed runners-up.

Impressive was the outcome between these two great teams who, apart from their good work, were able to withstand the necessary concentration to withstand the pressure.

“We are very happy with the second place in the series, we went out on the water one point behind Alcaidesa Marina and we managed to do a very good regatta, thinking about sailing well. We feel very motivated for the Spring series”, says Marcos Belizón, crew member of ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’.

In their duel this time the RCM Marbella and CN Mahón boat ‘Marbella Team’ of Pepequín Orbaneja and María Fiestas with Juan Luis Páez at the helm, a team that achieved fourth place in the overall ranking of the circuit after classifying second this weekend, being also the last winner of this series by winning the closing race.

After ‘Península’, ‘Marbella Team’, ‘Alcaidesa Marina’ and ‘GVS Varaderos del Sur’, the classification of this last round has Horacio Cardarelli’s ‘Tacuarita’ (CN Bevelle/Alcaidesa Marina) in fifth place, followed by Petter Fjelstad’s KNS Norway boat ‘Aponia Racing’, Pedro Butrón’s ‘Kouko’ with Dani Cuevas at the helm (CMtmo Linense) and the CN Río Piedras de Huelva boat ‘Colibrí’ of Gonzalo Fernández and Francisco Esquivel and the ‘Nexum Capital’ (RCM Sotogrande) of Fico Jiménez Galeote and Roberto Santa Cruz in ninth place.

In the overall circuit with a total of 14 races, fifth place goes to ‘Kouko’, followed by ‘Aponia Racing’, ‘Colibrí’, ‘Tacuarita’ and ‘Nexum Capital’.

Thus ends a series that has comprised three calls for entries in as many months since the beginning of the year, and which concludes with teams that are increasingly prepared in their aspirations.

In addition to the importance in itself, the professionalism with which the crews face each delivery, makes this circuit in its different versions of autumn, winter and spring, an indisputable test bench and training to face the national and international regattas that will complete a new season.

The Alcaidesa Marina J/80 Winter Series 2023 Circuit, which is now coming to an end, has been organised by the CN Bevelle and the RCN of La Línea de la Concepción, with the collaboration of the Royal Gibraltar Yacht, and the sponsorship of the Alcaidesa Marina.

The next event will be held on the weekend of 15th and 16th April for the Andalusian Championship defended by Bassadone’s ‘Península’, coinciding with the start of the Spring Series.